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Our Vision

Brett and Evan have been involved in the wedding industry for years. Brett has focused his efforts in photography , while Evan has focused on videography. After working separately for a number of years they brought their services together to form The Wedding Lot.

The purpose of The Wedding Lot is to provide an easy way for couples to book all four media services at once including photographers, videographers, and DJ’s.


Brett Alexander

Lead Photographer


I have been involved in the wedding industry for over 6 years. I am currently the lead photographer and I oversee the DJ’s. I believe in the power of a pose but I understand to leave room for fun and creativity. My goal is to capture the whole day while making you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.


Evan Bourque

Lead Cinematographer


I oversee our videography department. My goal as a cinematographer is to capture the best moments on film while not being too intrusive, and I strive to master the art of tying these moments together into a beautiful video, unique to each couple.

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Jesse Wood

Lead DJ


I have been a DJ for 6 years and have really enjoyed being or part of the wedding industry for the last 3. I love a great mix suitable for all ages, anything from 50’s all the way to current top 40’s. One thing I spend time on is creating a gapless playback so there is no awkward silence between songs, I also enjoy using samples to complete transitions while beat matching to your favourite Jig.